Burson Entrekin Orr Mitchell & Lacey, PA represents railroad companies throughout Southern Mississippi in a range of litigation. Our clients include companies such as Norfolk Southern Corporation, Illinois Central Railroad Company, and Amtrak.

In all forms of transportation, occasional accidents are inevitable. Most railroad accidents happen at railroad crossings or in the workplace, where a variety of risks come into play, giving rise to potentially costly lawsuits. Frequently encompassing a complex set of state and federal laws, an effective defense requires the skills of an experienced team of attorneys with an in-depth understanding of the laws governing railroad operation.

At BEOML, our railroad law attorneys have successfully defended companies in both federal and state courts against an array of railroad accident claims, including those involving Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) litigation. From diligent trial preparation to compelling courtroom presentation, we have the skills to protect your company’s interests through every phase of litigation. In railroad accident cases, we conduct thorough investigations and gather extensive evidence in order to understand exactly what caused the accident and why. In trial, we frequently employ the latest technology to prepare compelling visual aids to clearly and persuasively illustrate what occurred.

To learn more about how our experienced attorneys can assist your railroad company, contact Burson Entrekin Orr Mitchell & Lacey, P.A. today.

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