Burson Entrekin Orr Mitchell & Lacey, PA defends clients facing mass torts throughout South Mississippi. Our attorneys understand that mass tort litigation involves high stakes and potentially lengthy court battles, and work tirelessly to achieve satisfactory outcomes for our clients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. BEOML has provided zealous defense representation in a range of mass torts, involving such issues as asbestos, silica, and industrial exposures, and pharmaceutical diet drug litigation.

Despite the fact that asbestos is typically no longer used in manufacturing and construction, asbestos-related lawsuits continue to be highly prevalent. Silica and industrial exposure lawsuits are also common, and may take the form of either a products liability action or a workers’ compensation claim. Due to their depth of knowledge and experience in this area of litigation, BEOML attorneys have been appointed to a Special Master role in asbestos cases.

BEOML defense lawyers have also developed considerable expertise in pharmaceutical diet drug litigation. Today, lawsuits alleging unsafe drugs or insufficient warnings arise frequently and can lead to severe repercussions for pharmaceutical companies. Diet drugs that have recently come under scrutiny include Fen-Phen, Redux, and others.

As with our environmental and toxic tort cases, our approach in mass tort defense focuses on leveling the playing field for defendants in the notoriously plaintiff-friendly region of South Mississippi. We also occasionally handle plaintiffs’ claims, adding to our wealth of expertise in this arena and allowing us to anticipate the strategies and arguments typically employed on both sides of a case. To learn more about how we can help your company in a mass tort litigation, contact Burson Entrekin Orr Mitchell & Lacey, P.A. today.

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